Sai Baba Episode #74

Sai Ram Everyone,

One Sai Devotee shared his miraculous experience on Sai Baba leela. He says, “I gifted my Sai Satcharitra to one of my dear friend. Although that book was very much special to me as it was from Shirdi and given to me by one of my friend. I never got a chance to read that. I was simply keeping it in my temple. Finally I gave it to Baba. I was hoping that Baba will himself gift me a book which I will read daily. Baba was also planning to gift me hi holy book in some other means.

My daily routine was to go to my near by hometown temple and attend Kakad arti, abhishekam. Just after this, I used to meditate for 15-20 minutes in the temple. It happened for a week, I kept on thinking about Baba, if you can give me any of your book. One day while meditating I heard a voice that I will give you a book. I was amazed after hearing this. I looked here and there but no one was there except priest of the temple and one more person.


After a week during holy bath of Baba, one person came to the temple. After Baba’s bath, he was cleaning him by towels. I was standing there with him. He asked me, do you have any Baba’s book with you ? I said that I don’t have as such. He asked me if I can accept Sai Leelamrit, I got very much delighted and agreed with happiness.

After this I started doing Sai Leelamrit parayan every day till date. Although I was wishing for Sai Satcharitra, but somehow by Baba’s wish I got Sai Leelamrit. All of this happened due to my past life karmas. Otherwise, who gets this type of opportunity?”


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