Sai Baba Episode #76

Sai assured my Safety! Happy 2018

One Sai Devotee shared her experience and she says “I want to share a miracle which I had live experience in my dreams. Actually exactly I month ago I was suffering from mental depression and I didn’t had any clue about this; why I went into this kind of depression. Those days were very serious to handle for me every time for everything I use to be like very confident and positive all the time. But in those days I was very distracted with some kind of negative powers which I felt and I was losing my confidence levels and positive attitude.

Soon I prayed to Baba whole heartedly saying & requesting that I want to come out from this depression before this year end (2017) and I want to start my new year with a fresh energy.


Within no time on 30th Dec 2017 night, Baba came into my dreams lively. I work for Trident hotels in Hyderabad where I was sitting sadly behind my restaurant my colleague came to me saying someone came to meet you. And the someone was Sai Baba 🙏🏻. As I entered into my restaurant he was sitting on the floor and having his dinner. I was really shocked by seeing him, he just smiled and I thought to meet him after he is done with dinner. After 5mins Baba was directly walking towards me first I felt good as he coming near and near my feet were stepping back with fear. I was shocked why I’m doing this Baba is coming to me and why I’m in fear. I stepped back till extinct level and was blocked by sofa and I didn’t had anyway to escape from there. And I was crying, screaming loudly as the ghost does in movies. Baba sat beside me and said my colleagues to leave from there. Then he put his left hand on my shoulder and right hand on my forehead saying why are you in worry when I’m there with you, don’t worry I’ll take care of you and I’ll be always with you. And after that I came out of my dreams suddenly.

Finally as I prayed to Baba saying I want to come out from this negative energy depression. He took me out from that negative energy.

And from 31dec 2017 I was like before how I used to be. And this is the dream where I have seen Baba lively. And in many dreams I went to Baba temple, in Shirdi, and Baba was talking to me but those words I couldn’t remember. Om Sai Ram”

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