Sai Baba Episode #76

Sai assured my Safety! Happy 2018 One Sai Devotee shared her experience and she says “I want to share a miracle which I had live experience in my dreams. Actually exactly I month ago I was suffering from mental depression and I didn’t had any clue about this; why I went into this kind of

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Sai Baba Episode #74

Sai Ram Everyone, One Sai Devotee shared his miraculous experience on Sai Baba leela. He says, “I gifted my Sai Satcharitra to one of my dear friend. Although that book was very much special to me as it was from Shirdi and given to me by one of my friend. I never got a chance

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Sai Baba Episode #72

One of Sai devotee shared his experience from USA. He says “Till I was 26, I was not aware of Sri Sai Baba existence at all. When I got to know Sri Sai baba from my girlfriend, as she was an enthusiastic devotee of baba, I was not enough interested. she used to go to

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EXPERIENCE OF DARSHAN V. B. Nandwani, Mahim: Bombay 16 Dear Sir, Below, I give a recent experience of my son at Shirdi. If you find it upto the mark, please publish it in Sai Leela. On 7th of May 1973, I reached Shirdi with my son, aged 14 years. Expecting heavy rush due to vacation,

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Sai Baba Episode #70

One of Sai devotee shared one experience “I came across this miracle of Baba when I was a student. A catholic priest was working at a church in New Jersey. As he was traveling by plane, intense turbulence hit the plane and everyone on board started panicking. This priest was on the plane and he remained

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