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Sai appa u r very well aware of my pain..I have suffered enough and enough..pls help me in my studies appa..pls take care of my kids..I have completely surrender myself to ur holy feet appa..pls bring peace in our life appa
Koti koti pranam baba.iam a very small devotee of your\'s.want always to be in your lotus feet.since last 3/4 month I am feeling very uncomfortable in my right side upper throat.i go through an endoscopy too.found some granulation in right pyriform very much scared.. doctor says not a big issue..but after taking medicine sometimesI feel same uncomfortness .please baba cured me .every time negative thoughts came to my mind.please help me baba.nothing is impossible for you.may be suffering due to my previous birth bad karma..please vanish all my bad karma..cure me baba.i cannt stable my mind .please help sai nathaya namah.freinds please pray sai to cure me .